Drug induced (Morse & Lewis ficlet)

Rating: P 6
Genre: h/c, Friendship, might as well be Pre-Slash if you want it to be
Episode related: "Cherubim & Seraphim" (1992): "Morse's step-niece commits suicide, and he takes compassionate leave. He starts to research her past to find the reason for it, and this confronts him with the generation gap. His investigation into the young girl's death leads him into an alien world of teenage hedonism: house parties, raves and designer drugs." ( If you haven't seen this episode, you'll probably think this overly dramatic. What you need to know to understand this is that
a) in this episode Morse tells Lewis that he was planning to kill himself when he was fifteen because after his parents’ divorce and the subsequent death of his mother he was living with his father and his father's second wife, who despised him. And that's a heartbreaking scene if I've ever seen one.
b) the dead girl who killed herself at fifteen is the daughter of Morse's half-sister and someone he'd seen himself in. He's really devastated.
c) while discussing drugs Morse said "No, never" and that he was probably afraid of losing control while Lewis admitted to smoking pot once because he was curious how this would make him feel.
   Off topic, best dialogue ever is in this episode:
   Morse (relating to the fact that he was young during the Sixties):
   "I missed out on Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll."
   Lewis: "Well ... you don't like Rock. And you don't like drugs."
   Morse: "I like sex!"
Summary:  Erm. See above. Lewis didn't know what to say when Morse told him about planning to kill himself as a child. He knows now - kind of. Post-ep to "Cherubim & Seraphim".
word count: 714
Beta: [info]veradee (thanks!)
Warnings: I'm no native speaker. But a sucker for h/c, sorry ... This is really, really, really sappy. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

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fic: One hour

Collapse )

Title: One hour
Rating: P 6
Genre: Friendship
Summary: Fix-It ficlet for the end of "Promised Land" (post ep). They have been stuck together for days on end. It has been a very depressing case for Morse. And Australia doesn't agree with him.
word count: 531
Warnings: I'm no native speaker.
Beta: [info]veradee - thank you!  ♥ All remaining faults are my own.
A/N: I used a bit of the original dialogue in the beginning. And for those of you who don't remember, the "original" end has Morse looking after Lewis and then walking up the stairs to the opera all alone while Der Rosenkavalier is being played in the background: "Hab ich mir gelobt, ihn lieb zu haben / In der richtigen Weis'" ("I promised myself to love him, the real way" - very roughly translated). This should really have been slash ...

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Fic: The Discovery

I wrote this story for yuletide 2010 as a present for missmalapert who had wished for a romance story for Morse and Lewis. As she was also curious about how their relationship developed, both professionally and personally/romantically, I wove my story into the plot up to the episode Masonic Mysteries. For that reason, this fic contains a lot of quotes from the show, I don't claim any rights to those words or any of the appearing characters.

Rating: NC-17 (only for chapter 15, the rest is fine as PG)
Pairing: Morse/Lewis
Length: 20,638 words in 18 chapters
Beta: the wonderful wheyaye
Summary: Things are bound to change for DS Lewis when he is assigned to a new governor: Chief Inspector Morse. A Chief Inspector with a love of beer and the fine arts. Lewis gets exposed to both most working days and finds that it's not all that bad once you get used to it. As is Morse, come to think of it. So why is Lewis so surprised when he makes a life-changing discovery in one of Morse's poetry books?

( chapter one )

two Morse/Lewis book!verse ficlets

TITLE: The Mind-Killer
SERIES: Inspector Morse
GENRE: Drama/Angst
CHARACTERS: Morse (implied Morse/Lewis)
SUMMARY: Morse is not a man of many fears. Except for these.
NOTES: Title taken from an infamous passage from Frank Herbert’s Dune series.

Read it here.

TITLE: Accidents Happen
SERIES: Inspector Morse
GENRE: Romance/Humor
SUMMARY: In which one of them kisses the other at an inappropriate moment.
NOTES: No excuse for this story. None at all.

Read it here.

It's my first time writing Inspector Morse fic, so hopefully I did well ♥
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Kev - Lewis - Sexappeal

Time for a Change

Author: ersatzkapitaen
Rating: G
Genre: Humour
Word-Count: 100 = Drabble
Disclaimer: I cannot thank Colin Dexter enough for creating the wonderful characters of Lewis and Morse. Yes, they're his. But they're fun to play with!
Author's Note: The idea for this was born from a short discussion I had with wheyaye yesterday. I suppose a dwarf rabbit must have escaped her Foster Home for Fic Bunnies again. ;-)

( Time for a Change )
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Your Concern Is Noted

Author: ersatzkapitaen
Fandom: Inspector Morse
Title: Your Concern Is Noted
Pairing: Morse/Lewis
Word Count: 300
Rating: G
Warnings: slight spoiler for The Death of The Self
Prompt #237: Check @ slashthedrabble
Disclaimer: Lewis and Morse belong to Colin Dexter, no copyright infringement is intended.

This is a missing scene from the episode The Death of The Self, taking place in the hotel Morse and Lewis are staying at in Italy.

( Your Concern Is Noted )