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An Inspector Morse/Robbie Lewis slash fiction and art community.

This has been set up to supplement the MorseLewis mailing list on Yahoogroups.

If you are a Morse/Lewis author, please post fiction here, even if you've posted it to the mailing list. Any posts can be added to the memories so that every author has yet another back up of their work to share with all the Morse/Lewis fans.

All stories, discussion, or artwork relating to the Morse and Lewis is welcome. Warnings should be attached to stories with extreme content. Artwork and longer stories should be put behind a cut tag.

This community is currently set so that joining is moderated, but anyone can post a message. I hope to keep it that way. I created the list and the livejournal to try and drum up interest and fic for this pairing. I will be instituting a fest once we get at least 10 members in our LJ community. The LJ is primarily for fic while the mailing list is for discussion. To join the list, click on the following link.

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